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Exhibition of painting, mixed media and installation art by Goa-based artists12 - 15 June '11
Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts presents ARCHITECTS SELECT a bi-annual exhibition of painting, mixed media and installation art specially recommended by Margaret Mascarenhas for Goa-based architects and home designers. The exhibition features work by the following artists : Vamona Navelcar, Swatee Nair, Viraj Naik, Theodore Mesquita, Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal, Shivaji Shet, Vasudev Shetty, Shilpa Mayenkar Naik, Deviprasad C Rao, Crisologo Furtado, Wilson D’Souza, Suhas Shilker, Rajendra Usapkar, Patricia Geraldes, and Director’s Pick, Shilpa Nasnolkar. The show also features art work by the talented Blue Shores Silent artists at Aguada Central jail. The exhibition will be open to the public from Sunday June 12 to June 15, 10 am to 7 pm. Thereafter, portfolio and commissioned work will be available by appointment.

The Mango Tree Art School begins on 13th June 2011
  A little more about the Mango Tree After School Art Program The Mango Tree after school art program is a fantastic place for children to enjoy exciting art activities, to experiment with a variety of art materials, and to express their ideas! At Mango Tree, we teach a spiral curriculum to help our students grow into fluent, proficient artists. Teaching a spiral curriculum means that each term, our students learn about art concepts, materials, and skills. In subsequent terms, we choose projects which build on the learning that came in the terms before. Each term our students work with a variety of media including; drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, performance art, and more. Students use these art forms to explore their ideas about a relevant theme. Our first term’s theme is, Our Environment, which will include the topics of Home, Goa Recreation, Villages and Cities, and Ecosystems. Students will make paintings, sculptures and prints all while expressing their ideas about their world and learning about established artists. At mango Tree, we teach our students to be innovative thinkers by valuing their ideas and contributions. We also teach our students a respect for tradition as we learn about artists and art history. At Mango Tree our approach teaches our students to value their own ideas and to appreciate the perspectives of others. This gives our students the tools to work confidently and effectively whether they are working independently or with a group. At Mango Tree students and teachers work together to think beyond limits and to be creative leaders.   -          Leslie Lakhia (Co-ordinator, Mango Tree School) Art Educator, Teacher Educator, Curriculum Developer   

Broken Tile Murals workshop by Aadhi Vishal - 2nd to 7th May 2011 between 2 to 7 pm at Sunaparanta
Sunaparanta presents workshop in Broken Tile Murals facilitated by Aadhi Vishal. Design your own Mural on Marine Ply using coloured tiles… Learn the various techniques used to cut tiles and to create the mural! Date: 2nd to 7th May 2011 Time: 2 to 7 pm Venue: Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho Please call on 2421311 or email us on info@sgcfa.org to register Student discount available!

New batch - Cold Ceramics workshop by Ramdas Gadekar from 23rd to 28th May 2011 between 2 to 6 pm
Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts presents Workshop in Cold Ceramics facilitated by Ramdas Gadekar from 23rd to 28th May 2011, 2 to 6 pm Learn Cold Ceramic Techniques using a bottle as the base to create various embossed effects.  Create sculptures and other pieces of art! Cold Ceramics as the name suggests is ceramics which are not fired in a kiln. This is an interesting medium of art where a mixture of resins, hardener and chalk powder is made to form a sticky dough which is then applied onto the surface to create an embossed effect. Fees: Rs.2000/- (Adults)       Rs.1500/- (Students)     

The Mango Tree Art Camp at Sharada Mandir school, Miramar - 25th to 30th April 2011 - 10 am to 4 pm
The Mango Tree ART CAMP at Sharada Mandir school, Miramar 25th to 30th April 2011 at 10 am to 4 pm Age group : 6 to 12 years (only for Sharada Mandir school students) SCHEDULE 10 to 12.30 pm : Session with Crisologo Furtado PHYSICAL THEATRE / PERFORMANCE ART / ART INSTALLATIONS We will work together to create Art Installations using paint, brushes, our fingers and other medium.   12.30 to 1.30 pm : Lunch Break, Relaxation Time   1.30 to 4 pm : Session by Leslie Lakhia WASTE NOT, MAKE ART   To register and for details of the camp please call us on (0832) 2421311  

The Mango Tree Art Camp at Sunaparanta - 2nd to 7th May 2011 - 10 am to 4 pm
The Mango Tree ART CAMP!!   2nd to 7th May 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm Age group : 6 to 12 years Schedule 10 am to 12.30 pm : Session by Leslie Lakhia and Annette Furtado STORIES INTO IMAGES BOOK MAKING   12.30 to 1.30 pm : LUNCH BREAK, RELAXATION TIME!   1.30 to 4.00 pm : Session by Assavri Kulkarni and Crisologo Furtado PHOTO ESSAYS AND AN INTRODUCTION TO CARPENTRY To register and for details of the camp details please call us: Please see attached poster for more details. Open to all!  

Sketch Club with Rajendra Usapkar - 6th class on 14th May 2011 - 10 am to 1 pm
Sketch Club by special appointment: sessions with live models facilitated by experts. 6 Saturdays (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th April, 7th & 14th May 2011) Time: 10 am to 1 pm Call us on 2421311 or email : info@sgcfa.org to enrol. Limited seats Fee: Rs.3000/- (for 6 sessions)

PhotoFlare 2011 exhibition on 9th & 10th April '11
PhotoFlare 2011- International Photography Festival, Goa  The Photography Club of Goa Engineering College is organizing PhotoFlare2011, an international Photography Festival at the Sunaparanta Goa Centre For The Arts, Altinho on the 9th and 10th of April from 10 am to 7 pm  As a part of PhotoFlare, an online Photography Competition was held throughout the month of March. In all, the competition received over 470 entries from across the country spanning across 4 themes-Machines, Celebrations, Shadows & Lights and Childhood. The judging was done by a panel of expert photographers- Assavri Kulkarni, Lynn Barreto Miranda and Anthony DeSouza. The Festival will showcase the top 20 photos from each of the 4 themes.  The final winner from each of the 4 themes will be announced at Inaugural function to be held at 10 am on the 9th of April in the presence of Shri Ashwin Tombat, editor-in-chief for Herald.  PhotoFlare will also consist of 2 workshops and 2 lectures Workshop on Design in Photography by Assavri Kulkarni on the 9th of April from 2:30 to 5:30 pm Workshop on Portrait Photography by Edric George on the 10th of April from 3 to 6 pm Lecture on Photography in Antarctica by Rakesh Rao on the 10th of April from 11 am – 12 noon Lecture by Mr Eduardo Souto from Portugal on the Photographic journeys on his Scooter through India on 10th April from 6 pm to 7 pm As a part of PhotFlare, there will also be a History PhotoShoot around the city of Panjim guided by Sanjeev Sardesai on the morning of Sunday, 10th of April.  For more details about the event, and to register for the workshops/lectures please check out www.photoflare.org  Workshops are free and open to all! 

CARZ - one-day workshop on cars by Rohan Coelho - 16th April 2011 between 9 am to 6 pm
Autobuzz Goa in association with Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for Arts presents CARZ by Rohan Coelho One-day workshop on Cars for kids (sketching techniques, screening a movie, lunch, painting a dream car, exhibition of the works and prize distribution) Date: Saturday, 16th April 2011 Time: 9 am to 6 pm Age: Kids between 8 to 14 yrs. Venue: Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts All kids will be provided with lunch, drawing material, refreshments, Autobuzz Goa Magazine and a surprise gift. For registration contact: Sunaparanta office Tel: 0832-2421311   Email: info@sgcfa.org

'Strangers' - a photography exhibition by Nolan Mascarenhas at Cafe Al Fresco gallery - 20 Feb to 5 Mar, 10 am to 7 pm
Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts invites you to 'Strangers'  - a photography exhibition by Nolan Mascarenhas at the Cafe Al Fresco Gallery at Sunaparanta from the 20th of February to the 5th of March 2011 from 10 am to 7 pm.   Artist Statement   It is difficult to determine when I decided to pursue art, I doubt it was ever a conscious decision, it always seemed like a part of me, an organ like any other. My personality was uninhibited by the opinions of others and this naturally translated in my art as well. With perfect 20 - 20 vision, it was puzzling how the world still seemed clearer and more beautiful through the lens of a camera. As a passionate child unaware of the intricacies of lenses and complex camera equipment, it took little for me to pursue my interest. After schooling in Goa at Sharada Mandir, I pursued my passion by joining the Photography Club at the Symbiosis College in Pune. Determined that the adjective 'dull' would never describe me, I adorned many masks - an avid film collector, an animal lover actively involved with various social causes, a vintage motorcycle restorer and a photographer with a penchant for all things antique.   By day I work in a MNC situated in the bustling streets of Mumbai. By night I pursue my Masters from Mumbai’s prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. However, solace for me is always behind the lens, I am a dreamer who is always looking for his next creative fix. I have always endeavored to advance confidently in the direction of my dreams and the courage it took, booked me my first exhibition at the Art Chamber in Goa.  The exhibition was titled The Mystical Dragon and showcased pictures I had taken on a trip to China, reflecting the commonalities I observed between Chinese and Indian culture, art & heritage.   Having successfully completed my first exhibition my confidence blossomed and I entered my work to the Art Loft situated in Mumbai, where some of it was selected among hundreds of entries. Most recently I had the honour of having some of my work shortlisted by Ms. Kiran Rao to be displayed amongst some of the most accomplished photographers in Mumbai as part of her film - Dhobi Ghat's Photography Exhibition at PVR, which captured the many hues of the city of Mumbai. Though these accolades bring a smile to my face, I endeavour to stay true to my art , in the hope that one day it may bring a smile to your face as well.   To see more of my work visit: www.flickr.com/photos/nolanseye