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Film for Thought: 12th September 2018, 6.30 pm - Screening of `The Twilight Zone' at Sunaparanta

This Wednesday, 12th September 2018 at 6.30 pm, Sunaparanta will host the screening of ‘The Twilight Zone’ at Sunaparanta indoor gallery, presented by Arvind Sivakumaran

Film: The Twilight Zone (1959-1961) – Black and White

Created by Rod Serling

Run-Time: 100 mins

Rod Serling’s classic 50’s B&W TV Series was a watershed and paved the way for a generation of filmmakers from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to modern filmmakers like Wes Craven and Jordan Peele who directed ‘Get Out’

Sunapranta will showcase 4 of the best standalone episodes of this mystery/sci-fi/supernatural series that get you excited, paranoid and questioning the reality of what you see. At the same time they have an underlying, subversive social commentary that was a watershed in television storytelling.

The 4 episodes (each 24 mins in duration) that will be featured are:

  • Mirror Image
  • The Monsters are due on Maple Street
  • Time Enough at Last
  • The Eye of the Beholder