• IN BETWEEN | Exhibition of SAIL Mentees Edition II

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts opened In Between – within the vacuum of space, we find presence in multitudes, an exhibition showcasing the individual and collaborative works of our candidates as part of Edition Two of Sunaparanta Art Initiator Lab (SAIL).


    This show marked the culmination of our mentorship programme, in which 12 Goa-based creative practitioners underwent a process of developing their skills, aesthetics and gained an understanding of the professional cultural world under the guidance of art historian Lina Vincent, over a 10-month period.


    SAIL offers candidates from various creative fields a space for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, learning, and un-learning. The programme has been influential in understanding the crux of what an artist can do, the different tools available at disposal, and many other practical and knowledge-based aspects of working. With numerous possibilities opened out to them, this group has redefined what an exhibition-display should be, with its multidisciplinary approach.


    The narrative structure that brings the different projects together focuses on liminality, and its exploration within the experience of identity and belonging, place and space, time and its absence. The participants present stories of the self and the other; they create montages of land, urban space and human politics, and some invite viewers into contemplation of nothingness - within and without. In this amorphousness of the ‘in between’, the artists together create form, through their own living, their work and expressions.


    Their exchange of knowledge, respective backgrounds and personal experiences alongside workshops facilitated by Sunaparanta have contributed to their work (in progress) and placed them at the threshold of new beginnings.


    The exhibition will be on view until 15 July 2023.