• Book Launch of 'Secrets of the Art Millionaires' by Durva Gandhi at Sunaparanta on 16th March 2013

    If you ever wondered how to become a Millionaire, author Durva Gandhi may have the answer in her intriguingly titled book, Secrets of the Art Millionaires, released to the Goan public on Saturday 16 March '13 in Sunaparanta.

    Durva is the founder and promoter of www.breathearts.com, an online business and exchange platform for artists, collectors, curators and the art buying public that has been an early success. Her book sparked an interesting debate with journalist, Anil Dharker, who grilled the author over a number of searching questions regarding the often baffling and elusive nature of the art market in India and the world and led an interesting dialogue that both entertained and educated the audience in equal measure. Seven lucky guests won a copy of the book when their seat leaflet was pulled from the Lucky Dip and it is to be hoped that they are now well on their way to learning those art millions!