• The Shanghvi Salons (Edition 2) - Siddharth Shanghvi in conversation with author William Dalrymple & artist Olivia Fraser - 14 Sep 2013

    Sunaparanta is hosting the 2nd season of The Shanghvi Salons this year titled ‘The Muse and I’. The salons explore the idea of creative collaboration: How do two people influence each others’ work? Art may be created in solitude but it draws from a wellspring of love, sex, friendship, philosophy and travel. The salons attempt to understand how shadows of love and friendship, gifts of conversation and shared reflection spike the fire of art, and shape new ways of thinking.

    This season, the salons opened on the 14th of September and had the host Siddharth Shanghvi in conversation with husband wife duo – William Dalrymple and Olivia Fraser. The Salon was a dual treat for the senses. Feted artist Olivia Fraser brought her magical miniatures to Goa while acclaimed writer William Dalrymple talked about his bestselling books. The Shanghvi Salon, in front of an enthralled audience delved into how the two artists are able to influence and advance each other’s art through conversation and engagement