• Triage by Margaret Mascarenhas - Goa book launch on 6 Nov 2013

    Goa Centre for the Arts recently hosted the Goa book launch and performance of ‘Triage’ – a collection of poetry, flash fiction and sketches by Margaret Mascarenhas.  

    Café Alfresco courtyard was abuzz with guests savouring every moment, beginning with a word of welcome by Chairman, Dattaraj Salgaocar, an introduction to ‘Triage’ by architect, Dean D’Cruz, followed by conversation on `Triage’ and the fluid inter relationships between image and text, and the added component of music between Margaret and writer, Sudeep Chakravarti. 

    Experimental performance artist, Belinda Fernandes along with Franky Lopes participated in the performance of ‘Triage’ and continued thereafter, enthralling the guests.

    A preview of selected works by young artist, Kashfianna Pinto, put on show, added more color to the evening.  The works selected by Margaret Mascarenhas were combined with lines from poems in `Triage’ to demonstrate the intimate connections between poetry and painting.

    With music in the background, guests continued connecting with each other, well into the night.