• The Shanghvi Salons - Siddharth Shanghvi in conversation with Dayanita Singh - 6th December 2013

    Bookmaker, visual artist and ace photographer Dayanita Singh, in one of her rare public appearances at the aesthetically decorated courtyard of Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts, amused the packed audience with her sharp wit during the Shanghvi art salon held on 6th December 2013.

    In a candid conversation with Siddharth Shanghvi, Dayanita Singh discussed the people who shaped her into who she is today – Zakir Hussain, as a true mentor, her close association with friends, her book Go Away Closer and a lot more.

    Dayanita Singh has enjoyed a bumper year with a showing at the Venice Binale, where she represented Germany along with Ai Wiewie. And her museum solo, Go Away Closer, at London’s Hayward Gallery has been widely feted and enjoyed by legions of her fans. This outing in Goa was her first public talk after the opening of Go Away Closer in London.

    The Shanghvi salons focus on the idea of the muse: how the people we love influence the work we make.  Our next guest will be here soon next year, for another heart-to-heart with Siddharth.  Keep checking this space.