• The Shanghvi Salon - Siddharth Shanghvi in conversation with Leila Seth & Aradhana Seth - 14 March 2014 at Sunaparanta

    The last Shanghvi salon of season 2 hosted by Dattaraj and Dipti Salgaocar, held at Sunaparanta, Goa Centre for the Arts on 14th March 2014 concluded with an interesting conversation between the Seths and Siddharth Shanghvi.     

    Leila Seth, the first woman judge of Delhi High Court and also the first lady to become chief justice of a high court and daughter Aradhana Seth, designer, filmmaker and artist delighted the audience as they discussed with Siddharth their professional lives, creative pursuits, exploring Leila Seth as a mother, her influence on her three children, famous writer Vikram Seth, Buddhist teacher Shantum Seth and artist Aradhana Seth and her life as a judge. 

    Aradhana spoke about her creative process as a visual artist and the people who influence her and the role of her mother and brothers in her life.

    Aradhana’s exhibition titled ‘Zindagi’ was thrown open.  ‘Zindagi’ is Aradhana’s take on space within the context of contemporary art.  The exhibition will remain open at the Centre until the end of April 2014.