• Kyungwoo Chun's performance `Ordinary Unknown' at Sunaparanta on 22 Feb 2015

    Sunday Feb 22 saw yet another Sensorium evening at the Sunaparanta courtyard with the participation of 30 strangers. The 30 participants were part of a very special performance Ordinary Unknown by South Korean artist, Kyungwoo Chun.

    The evening opened with a welcome note by Honorary Director of Sensorium, Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi who introduced the artist to the audience and the participants.


    Once the performance commenced, it was a sight to take in, as the participants spent 20 minutes in silence, feeding the person opposite them with typical Goan delicacies-a combination of curry, vegetables, rice, dessert. While an attentive audience observed in quiet.


    Post the "eating-feeding" session, curator, Leandre D’Souza spoke about the concept, followed by a small presentation by the artist.  Participants were encouraged to share their emotions, as they went through this performance.


    The Kyungwoo Chun performance project was curated and produced by Leandre and Claudio Maffioletti of ArtOxygen, in partnership with Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts.