• 12 Mar 2022 to 12 Mar 2022

    SAFE SPACES | A virtual theatrical performance by Instages | 12 March 2022, 5.00 pm

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts invites you to the online premiere of its theatrical production Safe Spaces, directed by Arundhati Chattopadhyaya and performed by the young actors of our InStages theatre programme. Over the past two years, children have been separated and isolated from their friends, teachers and family members. In an effort to allow a safe space for them to navigate and express their emotions, the play uses Zoom as the point of connection from where children gathered virtually and wove together stories concerning love, jealousy, war, peace, anger, betrayal, hatred and loneliness. 

    Safe Spaces is centred on the actors’ observations of what is happening in their immediate environment. It begins in space and the children are trying to safeguard their planet from alien invasions. 

    Through techniques of experimentation and the guidance of practitioners from theatre, dance and the visual arts, the young actors designed their own props and created their own scripts for the production, showcasing the importance of creativity and imagination especially in times of crisis. 
    Safe Spaces will premiere on Saturday, 12 March 2022, 5.00 pm
    Watch Here | Youtube channel: @sunaparantaGoa


    Story 1: An abstract object that keeps peace and safety of a planet in a far-away galaxy is stolen by a greedy poacher in order to sell it to the highest bidder. There is chaos and destruction in the bargain. A highly trained agent succeeds in retrieving this object back, thus ensuring safety of this planet.  

    Story 2: Copperleaf Si, a female warrior leader keeps her people happy and content on the rings of Saturn. A special key is embedded in her forehead which ensures safety for the Satorians. A greedy male ruler from the solar dynasty wants the key and abducts Copperleaf Si.