• 03 Feb 2023 to 05 Feb 2023

    GOA in FILM | 3-day festival | 03 to 05 February 2023

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts is pleased to announce the second edition of GOA in FILM, a 3-day festival from 03 to 05 February 2023.


    After a successful first edition held in 2019, the festival brings together Goan filmmakers, actors, screenwriters and professionals in the field of filmmaking. Through a riveting programme of screenings and discussions, audiences will engage with the voices from the industry, and will be immersed in the subjects of their films and the stories that unfold.


    Six selected films will be presented by their respective directors. Post-screening discussions will be moderated by Frederick Noronha (Journalist) and will inquire into the present of the Konkani film industry and its future.


    Entry Free & Open to All!

    For more information, call +91 93706 75100 or email: info@sgcfa.org



    FRIDAY, 03 FEBRUARY 2023


    The First Wedding (2020)

    Directed by: Akshay Parvatkar

    Run-Time: 7mins 58secs

    The First Wedding is a story about love. Bhumi and Akash fall in love and decide to get married, an unheard union in a world of otherwise only same sex couples. We see snippets of their life through self-recorded camcorder footage, and an interview discussing their decision to fight the system, and simply follow their hearts


    Bread & Belonging (2020)

    Directed by: Sonia Filinto

    Run-Time: 50mins 27secs

    As Goa, India’s smallest state, comes to grip with growing migration, three stories unfold around pão, Goa’s unique bread. Stories of people dealing with migration, changing culture and the ever present need to earn a living.





    Ram (2014)

    Directed by: Miransha Naik

    Run-Time: 24mins 31secs

    A coming-of-age drama of a 14-year-old boy from a small village, desperate to lose his virginity.


    Bare (2020)

    Directed by: Ronak Kamat

    Run-Time: 29mins 53secs

    The story of a naked man who frequents apartments to watch women sleep, is only told by one woman who nobody believes.



    SUNDAY, 05 FEBRUARY 2023


    Written in the Corners (2020)

    Directed by: Suyash Kamat

    Run-Time: 11mins 08secs

    Through juxtapositions of memory & nostalgia with modernity & despair, Written in the Corners tells the tale of a part of the city of Panjim that is most likely to be forgotten. A city is made up of many other cities. This is the story of one of those many cities.


    The Club (2021)

    Directed by: Nalini Elvino De Sousa

    Run-Time: 55mins 35secs

    Goa since the second half of the 19th century has been the source of valued Human Resource export to Africa.

    This documentary brings to life various facets of this era: the shared spaces, the shared life stories, and the travails of this Goan diaspora in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.