• 29 Oct 2012 to 29 Oct 2012

    Film for Thought - Screening of Russian film (with English subtitles) 'The Return' - on 31st October '12, 6.30 pm at Sunaparanta

    This Wednesday, 31st October 2012 at 6.30 pm, Sachin Chatte will host the screening of ‘The Return’ at Sunaparanta.

    Film: The Return (Vozvrashchenie) Russian with English subtitles

    Directed by: Andrey Zvyagintsev

    103 mins, Color, 2003


    About the Film:

    Considered to be one of the most gifted contemporary directors, `The Return’ marked an outstanding debut of Andrey Zvyagintsev. The film won 5 awards at the Venice film festival including the Golden Lion.


    The story is of two brothers who are very close. They live with their mother and grandma but when their father turns up out of the blue after a decade, things don't remain the same. Made on a budget considerably low budget, the film won more than 25 awards world-wide and Zvyagintsev was even being compared to the great Russian master, Andrei Tarkovsky.