• 08 Jan 2013 to 08 Jan 2013

    Theatre Workshop with Arundhati Chattopadhyaya for Children

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts is pleased to announce that we will begin the new sessions for our series of Theatre Workshops From the Page to the Stage on January 12th 2013 for children between the age group 7 to 14 yrs. We are planning to take the activities to new and exciting levels this year and we hope that your child will be able to be part of this upcoming and dynamic programme. 

    Guest facilitators, along with Arundhati Chattopadhyaya, Programme Coordinator, will offer a varied set of theatre games, exercises, improvisation and performance skills throughout the 15 workshop sessions and will conclude with a public performance by the children in April. 

     1. Programme:

                     * Turn ideas into scripts

                    * Create plots and characters

                    * Plan for sets and locations

                    * Draw storyboards

     2. The focus will be on:

       * Acting     * Direction    * Sound and Music   * Lighting     * Costume Design

     3. Objectives:

                     * To take ideas from the page to live performance

                    * To take ideas from the page to develop in video format 

     4. Guest Facilitators:

                     * Chitra Palekar (Film Director)

                    * Neel Chattopadhyaya (Sound Technician)

                    * Nikhil Chopra (Performance Artist and Costume Designer)

                    * Ramdas Gadekar (Props and Installation Artist)

                    * Laura Grime (Music)