• 16 Dec 2013 to 16 Dec 2013

    Film for Thought - Screening of Serbian film 'Cabaret Balkan' on 18th December '13 at 6.30 pm

    Film for Thought

    This Wednesday, 18th December 2013 at 6.30 pm, Sachin Chatte will host the screening of Serbian film ‘Cabaret Balkan’ at Sunaparanta.  The screening will take place in our amphi-theatre

    Film: Cabaret Balkan (1998, Serbian with English subtitles)

    Directed by:  Goran Paskaljević

    Duration: 102 mins

    About the Film


    Winner of the FIPRESCI prize at Venice in 1998, `Cabaret Balkan’ is one of the most powerful film of the 90's.  It is about a group of people and how their lives are affected in the society that has so many complications. Roger Ebert, the renowned critic said "Of all the movies about all the tragic places where old hatreds fester over ethnic, racial and religious animosity, this is the angriest, and therefore possibly the bravest."