• 04 Mar 2014 to 04 Mar 2014

    BodyWorkShop by Nikhil Chopra, Jana Prepeluh and Madhavi Gore - 24 March to 4 April 2014 at Sunaparanta

    Sunaparanta presents

    BodyWorkShop – an introduction to Performance Art

    by Nikhil Chopra, Jana Prepeluh and Madhavi Gore

     March 24 to April 4 2014

    10.30 am to 5.00 pm

    In the first five days, through a series of planned physical and mental exercises we will explore the possibilities of what the body can do in the space it occupies.  An attempt will be made to break-out of what we understand as the ‘normal’ workings of the body, its automatic responses, and coded behavioral patterns.  We will consider the body as the primary tool of expression.

    The second week will be an opportunity for participants to create an independent art project.  We will work with participants to develop their ideas with the possibility of a public presentation.

    The workshop is open to all adults.

    Please apply via email with a bio and a paragraph of why you would like to participate to all in c.c: onikhilchoprao@gmail.com; luhinja@gmail.com; madhavi.gore@gmail.com; nilima@sgcfa.org and shamoli@sgcfa.org

     Application deadline: 15th March 2014