• 29 Sep 2014 to 29 Sep 2014

    Film for Thought - Wed, 1st Oct 2014, at 6.30 pm - Screening of `Rebel Without a Cause' at Sunaparanta

    This Wednesday, 1st October 2014 at 6.30 pm, Sachin Chatte will host the screening of `Rebel Without a Cause’ at Sunaparanta Gallery – Indoor.


    Film: Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

    Directed by: Nicholas Ray

    Cast: James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo

    Duration: 111 mins

    About the Film

    `Rebel Without a Cause’ is a film that sympathetically views rebellious, American, restless, misunderstood, middle-class youth.  The tale of youthful defiance, which could have been exploitative – but wasn’t, provides a rich, but stylized (and partly out-dated) look at the world of the conformist mid-1950s from the perspective of the main adolescent male character – a troubled teen with ineffectual parents, who faces a new school environment.