• 20 May 2011 to 20 May 2011

    The Mango Tree Art School begins on 13th June 2011


    A little more about the Mango Tree After School Art Program

    The Mango Tree after school art program is a fantastic place for children to enjoy exciting art activities, to experiment with a variety of art materials, and to express their ideas! At Mango Tree, we teach a spiral curriculum to help our students grow into fluent, proficient artists. Teaching a spiral curriculum means that each term, our students learn about art concepts, materials, and skills. In subsequent terms, we choose projects which build on the learning that came in the terms before. Each term our students work with a variety of media including; drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, performance art, and more. Students use these art forms to explore their ideas about a relevant theme. Our first term’s theme is, Our Environment, which will include the topics of Home, Goa Recreation, Villages and Cities, and Ecosystems. Students will make paintings, sculptures and prints all while expressing their ideas about their world and learning about established artists.

    At mango Tree, we teach our students to be innovative thinkers by valuing their ideas and contributions. We also teach our students a respect for tradition as we learn about artists and art history. At Mango Tree our approach teaches our students to value their own ideas and to appreciate the perspectives of others. This gives our students the tools to work confidently and effectively whether they are working independently or with a group. At Mango Tree students and teachers work together to think beyond limits and to be creative leaders.


    -          Leslie Lakhia

    (Co-ordinator, Mango Tree School)

    Art Educator, Teacher Educator, Curriculum Developer