• 18 Aug 2015 to 18 Aug 2015

    Film for Thought - Wed, 19 Aug '15 at 6.30 pm, Nikhil Chopra will present the screening of 'Marina Abramovic - The Artist is Present'

    This Wednesday, 19th August 2015 at 6.30 pm, Performance Artist, Nikhil Chopra will present the screening of feature documentary ‘Marina Abramović – The Artist is Present’ at Sunaparanta

    Directed by: Matthew Akers

    Produced by: Jeff Dupre & Maro Chermayeff

    Running Time: 106 minutes

    Seductive, fearless and outrageous, Marina Abramović has been redefining what art is for nearly forty years.  Using her own body as a vehicle, she creates performances that challenge, shock and move us.  Marina Abramović – The Artist is Present is a mesmerizing journey into the world of radical performance and an intimate portrait of an astonishingly magnetic, endlessly intriguing woman who draws no distinction between life and art.