• 19 Nov 2016 to 19 Nov 2016

    Film for Thought - 23rd Nov '16 at 6.15 pm - Screening of 'Brief Encounter' at Sunaparanta

    This Wednesday, 23rd November ’16 at 6.15 pm, Arvind Sivakumaran will host the screening of ‘Brief Encounter’ at Sunaparanta amphi theatre.

    Film: Brief Encounter (1945)

    Directed by: David Lean

    Run Time: 86 mins

    About the Film

    David Lean, one of cinemas greatest directors is often remembered for his epics `The Bridge On The River Kwai’, `Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Dr. Zhivago’, ‘Ryan’s Daughter’ and ‘A Passage to India’.  But perhaps his finest hour was in his early British period when he made this shattering love story about two ordinary people who meet by chance on a train station and fall in love. The only problem - they are both married. The film has one of the great female performances in film history by Celia Johnson as an ordinary woman trying to keep it all together on the outside while inside she's crumbling. 


    KINDLY NOTE: The screening will start at 6.15 pm at Sunaparanta amphi theatre