• 30 Mar 2010 to 30 Mar 2010

    In Studio - Box of Thoughts workshop with Patricia Geraldes - 26th to 30th July '10

    Interactive sessions with artists and scholars in residence.

    Tell a story through boxes. The inspiration could be a poem, a film, an artist or a day in your life. The idea is to explore the relationship between painting and sculpture through construction and deconstruction of composition with boxes.

    Patricia Gernaldes is an Inov-arts grant recipient conducting her residency at Sunaparanta.  Born in Portugal in 1980, she began studying visual arts and theater at an early age.  In 2005 she finished her degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oporto.  Since then she has participated in exhibitions in Portugal, Tunisia, Spain, France and India.  She has been developing an educational service since 2006, which involves people of all ages in artistic and cultural research.  You can see her work in www.patricia-geraldes.blogspot.com and www.patriciageraldes.com