• 18 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017

    `PRE-CODE' 1930's Hollywood Classics Festival at Sunaparanta - 22nd to 23rd November 2017

    The stringent censorship code came into existence in Hollywood in mid-1934. Though the code was introduced in 1930, filmmakers dared to ignore and circumvent it. As a result, the films made between 1930 to 1933 were not shackled by the ridiculous puritanism imposed on future films and have a certain honesty and risqué quality (albeit executed with subtle gaiety) that seems modern, groundbreaking and liberated even by contemporary standards.

    Sunapranta presents 3 classics from this period; 3 forgotten gems that still inspire, amuse and move those lucky enough to discover them.

    The screenings will be presented by Arvind Sivakumaran

    Screening schedule is as below:

    22nd November 2017;        6.30 pm



    Director: Mervyn LeRoy

    Starring: Paul Muni, GlendaFarrell, Helen Vinson

    Run-Time: 92 mins

    About the Film: Still powerful and hard-hitting after 84 years, Paul Muni shines as an innocent army veteran who is falsely convicted and forced to serve on inhuman chain gangs in slave like conditions in the American South.  The film poses hard questions about the nature and causes of criminality andthe complicity of institutions. This is one of the few films in history that actually sparked a controversial debate and led to social reform.  Based on a true story!


    23rd November 2017 - ERNST LUBITSCH DOUBLE BILL

    6.15 pm: TROUBLE IN PARADISE (1932)

    Director: Ernst Lubitsch

    Starring: Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall

    Run time:  83 mins

    About the film: This light-hearted and witty comedy of manners filled with unforgettable dialogue and sexual tension is a love triangle between a gentleman conman, his pickpocket girlfriend and the rich heiress they are trying to rob, but is also a sharp commentary on the economic depression and its impact on those with no option but to steal.


    8.00 pm: DESIGN FOR LIVING (1933)

    Director: Ernst Lubitsch

    Starring: Miriam Hopkins, Gary Cooper, Frederic March

    Run-Time: 91 mins

    About the film: A love triangle between 3 free spirited artists, with the woman this time caught in the middle, but unlike modern love triangles she actually loves and shares a "platonic" (?) relationship with both men. Challenging the social mores of the time with its aversion to "stability" "financial security" and " fidelity", this urbane and sophisticated comedy-drama features one of the most widely discussed and controversial endings of all time.

    Venue: Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panjim, open air amphitheatre

    Kindly call us on 0832-2421311 or email us on info@sgcfa.org for more details