• 26 Jan 2020 to 26 Jan 2020

    Chance - a play by InStages Theatre Company | 26 January 2020, 7pm

    Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts invites you to Chance, a play by InStages Theatre Company, produced by patrons Dipti & Dattaraj V. Salgaocar, this Sunday 26 January 2020, 7 pm.
    Designed, scripted and performed by 15 actors from the InStages repertoire, the performance is a modern adaptation of tales from Greek and Roman mythology. 

    Based on ideas of luck and fortune, it narrates the story of Fortuna. As ruler of the Aquarian Galaxy, she tilts the balance of justice and luck. The Wheel of Fortune represents the endless changes in life between prosperity and disaster, and can spin either way. Fortuna's children are groomed to be kings and queens, but only one will rule the Galaxy. Who will that be? Can old prophesies come true or does luck ultimately control destiny? The play unfolds with a gush of emotions from jealousy to intrigue and suspense. 

    This production is conceptualized and directed by Arundhati Chattopadhyaya & Keya Ann D'Souza. Presented against the backdrop of our ongoing exhibition Games of Chance, the performance is open to all.