• 19 Feb 2020 to 19 Feb 2020

    Film for Thought: Screening of ‘The Band Wagon’ | 19 Feb 2020, 6.45 pm at Sunaparanta Goa

    This Wednesday, 19th February 2020 at 6.45pm, Sunaparanta will host the screening of The Band Wagon, presented by John Menezes

    The Band Wagon (1953) | 19 February 2020  
    Directed by: Vincente Minnelli 
    Cast: Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse 
    Language: English 
    Duration: 1 hr 51 mins

    One of the great, underrated musicals of the 50s, Vincente Minnelli’s (The Bad and the Beautiful, Gigi, An American in Paris) delightful look at the functioning of the theatre world features some of the best dancing ever put on the screen with the standout ‘girl hunt ballet’ being imitated to this day - it inspired Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ music video. What makes Astaire’s dancing achievements even more remarkable is that he was 53 at the time of the film’s shooting. Other standout numbers include ‘That’s Entertainment ‘, ‘A Shine on Your Shoes’ and ‘Dancing in the Dark’. The film is an ode to the primacy of entertainment over pretension in the arts