• 17 Jun 2020 to 17 Jun 2020

    ListenIn | Health and The City | 17 June 2020, 11.30 am

    Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts presents Episode IV of ListenIN titled Health and The City: Re-thinking Urbanism, an interaction with Goan-born, Los Angeles-based architect, urbanist and professor Vinayak Bharne.
    The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing human health and fragility back to our psychological forefront. In highlighting the interface between our well-being and the design of our built environments, it is making us realize that our pre-Covid-19 urban patterns were neither good for our health, nor that of our planet. It is changing our relationship with public life, public space, retail, recreation, transit, nature, and even our own dwellings. What does this mean for architects and planners, and for the future of our buildings and cities?
    Join us for an interaction with Vinayak Bharne on these issues on Zoom Live17 June 2020 at 11.30 am IST.  Click here to register.


    About Vinayak Bharne:

    Goan-born, Los Angeles-based architect and urbanist Vinayak Bharne is Principal and Director of Design of the influential practice Moule & Polyzoides. He is a professor of urbanism at the University of Southern California and Director of the India-Netherlands-based knowledge platform, My Liveable City. His books include Affordable Housing, Inclusive Cities and The Emerging Asian City: Concomitant Urbanities and Urbanisms.