• 23 Jun 2021 to 31 Jul 2021

    Applications Open 23 June 2021 | SAIL - Sunaparanta Art Initiator Lab

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts proudly announces the launch of Sunaparanta Art Initiator Lab (SAIL), its new mentorship programme for creative practitioners.

    Developed and led by art historian and curator Lina VincentSAIL offers an innovative curriculum that addresses the multi-layered needs of contemporary cultural producers. It will select 16 candidates from the fields of visual arts, design and associated areas seeking to enhance their knowledge, practices and productivity.
    The programme has been designed for participants to incubate ideas, refine techniques and processes, strengthen skills and expand opportunities within a larger community. Programmed over 10 monthsSAIL will bring together the best methodologies, mentors and multidisciplinary experts in a calendar of unlearning and learning, focused on maximizing each individual’s potential, and empowering creatively and inclusively.

    Divided into five main modules with a mix of theory and practice, individual and collective projects, this platform will encourage collaboration and exchange that will inspire new ways to think about art, design, urbanism, architecture, science, technology, education, ecosystems, sustainability and human behaviour.

    Applications will be accepted from 23 June 2021 till 30 July 2021 and is open to candidates/professionals based in the State of Goa.

    For any queries regarding the application process, please write to us at info@sgcfa.org or call us at 0832 2421311

    • Age Criteria: 20 years and above
    • Programme Duration: 1 Aug 2021 – 31 May 2022 (course sessions programmed over two weekends every month)
    • For more details on this programme and to apply click here
    • Last date to receive applications: 30 July 2021


    Lina Vincent is an independent art historian and curator with two decades of experience in arts management. She is committed to socially engaged practices that reflect in the multi-disciplinary projects she has developed and participated in. The focus areas of her research include arts education, printmaking history and practice, the documentation of living traditions, and environmental consciousness in the arts.


    She recently worked on an Archival Museum Fellowship from the India Foundation for the Arts, and runs the Goa Familia archival photography project with the Serendipity Arts Foundation. She initiated and headed the Piramal Residency Artist Incubator Programme 2019-20. Lina has curated numerous exhibitions with galleries across India and contributes to publications on art history and contemporary cultural practices.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.    Is there a fee for the programme?

     There are no fees charged for the programme.


    2.    Can non-Goan’s apply to attend the programme?

    Any person currently residing in Goa can apply to the programme. The applicant must have a local address that is valid throughout the duration.


    3.    Do I have to know English to attend?

    A basic understanding and reading/writing ability of English will be required. For communication, good speaking ability of Hindi & Konkani will be sufficient.


    4.    What sort of creative persons can apply?

    Anyone who is a student or a professional, or is deeply passionate about the interconnected streams of fine art, graphic design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, performance, photography, film making, arts education, culinary arts or overlaps of these can apply. The program is about consolidating one’s personal creative practice, establishing streamlined frameworks of work and presentation, and expanding one’s learning to accommodate more collaborative and multidisciplinary engagements.


    5.    What happens if I am traveling or miss some of the sessions?

    Absence for more than 4 sessions of the programme without a mutually discussed leave of absence will mean discontinuation from the programme. The modules are rigorous and interconnected with a combination of individual and collective exercises. 


    6.    Will there be project work and submissions?

    Yes, there will be specific written and creative projects throughout the different modules.


    7.    Will there be a certificate at the end of the program?

    Yes, SAIL will provide a certificate to all participants who complete the programme.


    8.    What will be the subjects covered?

    The sessions are designed to cover a range of subjects in the context of creative practices – inclusive of skill development, critical thinking and problem solving; portfolio creation; time and resource management; art-historical engagement; professional writing, speaking and articulation; curation and editing; outreach and marketing.

    The external mentors who will lead specific sessions and will participate in the evaluation process are industry experts from various fields with experience in mentoring and/or creative education.


    9.    Is there an age limit?

    All individuals of 20 years and above are eligible and welcome to apply.


    10.  Will there be physical or online sessions?

    A combination of both types of sessions will be maintained.