• 14 Jul 2021 to 31 Jan 2022

    Launching Corona Quilt Project, Goa Edition | Participate Now

    Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts launches a collaboration with the Corona Quilt Project, a people’s campaign by contemporary artist Dia Mehta Bhupal and entrepreneur Neha Modi. 
    This new edition of the Corona Quilt Project which has originally taken life in Mumbai, will see a Goa specific installation titled Love Is... Conceived as a way to connect people, it aims to creatively capture this unprecedented time and give voice to our individual and collective experiences.
    As part of our community engagement initiative, we invite all of you, and all those you know, to participate and share your expressions of love with us, through a 15" x 15" fabric square. Your honest, unique perspective, will make our story more poignant. 
    The parameters are simple, and everyone can participate -- no matter your age, your artistic experience, or your geographic location. Entries can be in physical or digital form; please consult the attached graphic for more information.
    This kaleidoscope of narratives, yours and ours, will be stitched together to create installations that will be unveiled at Sunaparanta and other locations in Goa as a meaningful testament to this unique time of change, survival and perseverance.

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