The End is Only the Beginning
Things fall apart. This happens on rote, continuously, on different levels – psychological, corporal, in known realms, and in ineffable ways. Simultaneously they are also born, remade, renewed. In the space between the two, we are marshalled by one task: observation. ‘We are here to notice each thing so each thing gets noticed’, wrote Anne Dillard, ‘otherwise, creation would be playing to an empty house.’

What appears as a wall can turn also into a threshold – and beyond it, unseen worlds await, even death loses it aura of finality. The possibilities are many. An artist in exile produces her strongest work in an alien country. A marriage ends, and a man begins to write. The death of a parent is recalled on a canvas. The 2018 edition of Sensorium examines how the apparent conclusions in our life - the windup of a relationship, the betrayal of faith - become starting points for us. Sic itur ad astra – we journey to the stars. And it is from stars, we are encouraged to believe, that we emerge. Shadows pass, light remains. Here, then, is the light.

In rare, bold, majestic ways, the artists in this edition of Sensorium are cartographers of meaning, of being, exploring what ends and how this finds surprising renewal and unexpected revival. Employing mediums as varied as video, photography, installation, and sound, our artists are championed here by strong, generous galleries and museums, from across India, Sri Lanka and Sweden. Each artist emboldens the principal that we fail, we lose, but we begin again. Their voices are disparate, clear, powerful; their stories are our stories, their nightmares and dreams also ours.


19th January 2018

6.45pm onwards ‘An Homage to Omar Khayyam’ - A triptych of performances in honour of Omar Khayyam by Surya Demah, Iran, Uğur Önür, Turkey, Anello Capuano, Italy, Peter Pannke, Germany

7.30pm Preview of Exhibitions

7th February 2018

6.30pm Talk by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

8th February, 2018

6.30 pm Screening of ‘An Israeli Love Story’ by Dan Wolman followed by a Q&A. In association with the Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai

10th February 2018

6.30pm 'The Quest for Passion' Music performance by Austrian Trio,  Marialena Fernandes(pianist), Marieke Jankowski (Mezzo Soprano) & Barna Banfi (Saxophonist)
* Masterclasses by Marieke Jankowski (Mezzo Soprano) & Barna Banfi (Saxophonist)/span>

27th & 28th February 2018

6.30pm 2-day Portuguese Film Festival curated by Alexandra Côrte-Real Almeida in association with CLP -  Institute Camões

2nd March, 2018

7 pm Performance by Mithu Sen

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Dattaraj and Dipti Salgaocar | Patrons
Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi | Co Founder Sensorium
Leandré D'Souza | Exhibitions Curator
Chirag Dewan | Exhibitions Designer


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